Prelude : the Eagle's flight

Berthier's death at Bamberg, 1 June 1815

General campaign map (clickable map)

I collected all these places in a kmz-file 1815.kmz for GoogleEarth and in a zip-file of POI's for the most common GPS systems
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Beware, it's not completely finished yet.
(Quatre-Bras and Namur are still missing.)

13/06 Avesnes 16/06 Ligny-sous-Fleurus 16/06 Quatre-Bras 18/06 Waterloo - Mont-St-Jean 18-19/06 Wavre 19-20/06 Namur 19/08 Maubert 15/06 Charleroi 18/06 Plancenoit Nivelles

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MarCH - BEGINNING OF June 1815


6 May 1815 : Execution of Saxon soldiers by the Prussians


24/05/1815 :  Graty, the first victim of the campaign ?



12 junE 1815 Laon


13 junE 1815 Avesnes

14 junE 1815 Hestrud - solre - beaumont

15 junE 1815 charleroi - gilly

In the meantime, on the allied side
15 JunE 1815  Brussels


The waterloo campaign : 16-20 June 1815 through the ACMN memorials



the Battle of Quatre-Bras (16 June 1815)



the Battle of Ligny (16 June 1815) All these places are included in the kmz-file 1815.kmz for GoogleEarth and in a zip-file of POI for the most common GPS


Commemorative plate to general Le Capitaine at Ligny.

17 June 1815

Here is the petition you can sign to support the extension of the protected zone of the battlefield : Please sign and share !

the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815)

The British memorials of the 18th of June

The memorials inside the Royal Chapel and St-Joseph church at Waterloo

The British memorial at the Brussels cemetery

The British tombs


The Battle of WATERLOO through the AFEW memorials

Mont-Saint-Jean farm

Haie-Sainte farm

The Prussian memorials

The Belgian memorials

The Dutch memorials

The 4 memorials to general DUHESME

Saving the Victor Hugo column - at last some hope for the Wounded Eagle

All memorials at Plancenoit

Theft of the Hougoumont Christ

Acts of vandalism on the Waterloo battlefield

Ziethen's Corps' route on the 18th of June

Great restoration operation at Waterloo : cleaning/restoration of 8 memorials on the Waterloo battlefield, among these 5 at Goumont.

New restoration action on the Waterloo battlefield (27/04/2013)

News from the Waterloo battlefield Latest news here !

Hondzocht, 18 June 1815, HQ of prince Frederic of Orange

Sorry if all this isn't translated yet, I'm still working on it.

the Battle of Wavre (18-19 June 1815)

Wavre, visiting the battlefield

19 June 1815 : Maubert-Fontaine

Fight at namur (20 June 1815)

Nivelles : before   ...and after the battle...

The Vendée in 1815

19 june - 29 august 1815 : blockade of Auxonne

The fightings after 20 june 1815

25 June - 26 August :
Le siège de Huningue en 1815.

28 June :

1st July :



The tombs of French Waterloo dead are rare, here a two of them (apart from Duhesme):

Armand-Louis Gobert, colonel of the 5e Cuirassiers, DOW.

Eugène d'ASTIER, DOW.


Boneffe reminds Blücher's passing by...

Reminders of the occupation (1814 or 1815)


A less known event

THE SIEGE OF Huningue In 1815.



Other websites :

- The Hougoumont project :

- Waterloo 200 :

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- A very good website for the French losses in 1815. Far more complete than the Martinien!


Les Carnets de la Campagne de 1815

02.Le chemin d'Ohain
03.La Haie-Sainte
04.La Papelotte
05.Les Vertes Bornes
06. Plancenoit 1815
07.La Belle Alliance 1
08.La Belle Alliance 2
09. La Belle Alliance 3
10. Le Caillou
11. Genappe 1815
12. Charleroi 1815
13. Quatre-Bras (1)

- You can find here the famous Ferraris maps of the Belgian provinces drawn up between 1771 and 1778 : . Very useful to study the battlefield as it was (more or less) in 1815.
The chorographical map can be found here : .




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