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This website just received its 1.554.000th visitor ! Thanks to all of you !

Quatre-Bras farm is now destroyed (10/2016) Latest updates and complete news here

IMPORTANT Petition in support of the project of extension of the historically protected Waterloo battlefield.                                    Soutien au projet d'extension de la zone historique protégée du champ de bataille de Waterloo

Sign and share please ! Don't forget to confirm your signature by clicking on the link in the e-mail that you will receive.

I support the project of the Walloon Region in Belgium to extend the historically protected area of the Waterloo battlefield. Thanks to the law of 26 March 1914, the area of the fighting between the British-Dutch Allies and the French has been protected and has kept its 1914 appearance. I support the new project of the Walloon Region to extend this area in order to include the area of the fighting between the French and the Prussians. That area is as important for History and for remembrance.
The 1914 law already protected 1346 acres, the current project aims at the protection of nearly twice this surface (2948 acres), mainly around Plancenoit, an area that is not protected.
The aim is to ensure the understanding of the armies' movements, protecting the landscape and safeguarding its agricultural use. Everything that was allowed will still be allowed, but the waiting period for some authorizations will sometimes be longer.

In red, the area protected by the 1914 law. In blue, the project of extension.
Minor errors are possible, the map has been made in all good faith.

For the latest update on Waterloo 2015, have a look here.

2014 :
The latest news from Waterloo here (22/11/2014)

New pages on the battle of Wavre and a memorial at Hondzocht - update of the sad inventory of stolen/destroyed monuments.

Hougoumont Christ has been found!

Large update on the works on the Waterloo battlefield.

The latest news from Waterloo here.


14/09/13 Works at Hougoumont will start on the 15th October 2013 and will be completed... by the 1st June 2015 !

07/08/13 At last ! Works at Hougoumont will start in september !!!!

The organisation of Waterloo 200 could be a complet flop by the Walloon government
On Mr de Ghellink's blog
In French 
In Dutch

27/04-10/05/13 :
Great restoration operation at Waterloo this week-end. We (the ACMN) restored/cleaned 8 more memorials on the Waterloo battlefield. To see the pictures before/after, just follow the link :

- The historic Quatre-Bras farm is going to be destroyed !

- The bronze of the monument at Barrosa has been stolen.


October 2012

Great restoration operation at Waterloo : cleaning/restoration of 8 memorials on the Waterloo battlefield, among these 5 at Goumont.

June 2012
Wellington's men remembered, A Register of Memorials to Soldiers who fought in the Peninsular War and at Waterloo. Vol 1, A to L, par Janet & David Bromley has just been published ! Volume 2 will come out in (september ?) 2013.

There are, however, some important differences with the Guide Napoléon !

Warning about the CD ! It will only work if the CD-reader is drive letter D !

Like many people who bought Wellington's men Remembered, I had a problem reading the pictures on the CD through the WMR.exe program. I wrote to Pen and Sword and quickly got an answer. After a few day, I got a new copy of the CD... giving exactly the same problem. Fortunately, there was a paper with the new cd explaining how to change the drive letter of your CD reader.

Indeed, the problem with this CD - the only one of HUNDREDS of CD's my PC has read, is that it can ONLY be read if the drive letter of the CD-reader is D. Any other letter will give a problem. INCREDIBLE, but that's it. You have to change the drive letter to D, then it will function.

I don't understand why they did this. The problem is that my D drive is reserved as the factory image of my PC. I changed this, but I warn you this can be a risky business. There is a serious risk this can lead to problems. You are warned. I think Pen& Sword should do something else apart from forcing people to change the complete architecture of their PC to be able to read their CD: make readable CD's !

It is more restrictive than the Guide Napoléon, but it is a must have if you visit Britain !



April-May 2012

Some good news from the Waterloo battlefield (April-May 2012)

March 2012

The stele to the 27th (Inniskilling) Regiment of Foot has been restored by M. Lucien Cécille and his team of the Waterloo Committee. Congratulations for this great job !

December 2011

Many pages on the Battle of Waterloo (18 June 1815) are now available in English

November 2011
We just had the time to rejoice about the restauration of the Picton monument, only a few days later, the Inniskillings monument was again knocked over.
Since the road was closed and forbidden to the traffic, one can imagine that the company working there is responsible. But will they repair the damage ?



Dear Friends,

I must again share with you some sad new about Napoleonic monuments. There have been again some acts of vandalism and theft on the Waterloo battlefield and at Boulogne-sur-Mer.


On the Waterloo battlefield, the small monument to general Picton, indicating (more or less) the place where he was killed, has been knocked over some weeks ago.

Nothing has been done yet to redress the monument. If you know some British association who could do the job, please inform them.

It would be necessary to fasten the monument more solidly in order to avoid this happening again.

When it was first installed, it was at a safer place. Why then has it been moved?

Just about 100 metres to the south, the eagle on the monument of the Association Franco-Européenne de Waterloo/Fondation Napoléon to the 8th Infantry regiment (Durutte division), has been stolen. Already last year, someone tried to steal the glorious bird, but only succeeded in bending its leg.  This time, they succeeded.



At Wimereux, near Boulogne-sur-Mer, the medallion with the Legion  of Honour to the right of the road leading to the place where Napoleon stood when distributing the first stars of the Légion d'honneur, in the valley of Terlincthum (not far from the WWI cemetery) , has also been stolen.

You will find more picture and explanations if you follow the links.

Kind regards.

Dominique Timmermans




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