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For outside of France

By bank or postal tranfer on account : ACMN La Source 37 208 23 N033).

IBAN code (International Bank Account Number)     FR04 2004 1010 1237 2082 3N03 369

BIC code (Business Identifier Code) :                                 PSSTFRPPSCE

Beware, since January 1st, 2016, the BIC code is not necessary anymore inside the SEPA area. In some cases, it can even cause an error, message. In that cas, just do'nt mention the BIC code.

Address :

ACMN (c/o M. F. Nicourt, président)

Please ask the address by writing an e-mail


Don’t forget to give us
(f.nicourt@laposte.net and dominique.timmermans@skynet.be) your postal address, so we can send you the magazine on paper.



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For All MAIL :

à l'attention DE M. Frédéric NICOURT
Président de l'ACMN

Please ask the address by writing an e-mail

Tél : 06 86 99 28 20

E-mail : f.nicourt@laposte.net 


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