Richard Bogue (Fahrem 1783 - Leipzig 18/10/1813)




















D'après une aquarelle de Joseph Slater (+/- 1779-1837), réalisée en 1812.



Le capitaine Richard Bogue commandait à la bataille de Leipzig la Rocket Battery, seule unité britannique participant à ces opérations


L'Apelstein N° 40 au N.O. de Paunsdorf (An der Theklafeldern) indique l'emplacement de la Rocket Battery pendant la bataille du 18 octobre. (Elle avait depuis longtemps disparu, quand elle fut remplacée par une nouvelle pierre en 1994.)


Il y a même une Richard-Bogue-Straße à Taucha (coin de la Otto-Schmidt-Straße).

TAUCHA (NE de Leipzig)

Le capitaine Bogue fut tué le 18 octobre 1813 ... par un boulet à la tête ou à la poitrine dans une charge de cavalerie qu'il conduisait à la tête d'un escadron de Dragons que le général Winzingrode lui avait confié pour escorter sa brigade.

Sur sa mort



Obit :

"Oct. 18.
At Pounsdorf (sic), near Leipsic, in Germany, in his 31st year, Capt. Richard Bogue, of the Royal Horse Artillery, commanding the British Rocket-brigade in the memorable battle of that day, by the successful issue of which Europe has approached to deliverance, and England has gained an additional wreath of glory. After having contributed to this triumph by conspicuous gallantry, and services the most distinguished, this ornament to his Country, no less from professional accomplishments than from the private virtues of the heart, terminated his valuable life in his Country's cause, in the field of honour, leaving a disconsolate widow and two infant children to deplore the loss of the best of husbands and of fathers. The particulars of his fall, extracted from a private letter, cannot but be interesting to the Publick. — "Mr. James was with Capt. Bogue during the action, and at his side at the moment of his fall, in consequence of a rifle-ball which struck his face, and penetrated to the back part of bis head, and his death was nearly instantaneous. Mr. James states the extraordinary and successful effects of the rockets, as well as the glory acquired by Captain Bogue from his gallantry and judicious use of them, as infinitely surpassing even what has hitherto appeared in the dispatches. The Rocket-brigade was attached to the Crown Prince's Body Guard, but in previous understanding that in days of action it might, at the direction and judgment of its commanding-officer, be independently employed. On the memorable 18th, Capt. Bogue zealously seeing an opportunity of being useful against a large body of five French infantry battalions, occupying the village of Pounsdorf, gallantly solicited of General Winzingerode to go to the attack, where complete success crowned the operation, and Capt. Bogue lived to reap the honour of receiving the surrender of the whole five battalions himself, at the head of his own little force. It was in the attack of another post, similarly occupied by the French in great force, that our lamented and gallant Friend received the fatal shot, amidst the lamentations of the Army, and the acknowledgments that bis services on that great day had been eminently conducive to its success." — Capt. Bogue was brother-in-law to the lamented Capt. Hanson, who lately fell gloriously in Catalonia (see p. 499) ) Capt. B. having married the eldest daughter of John Hanson, esq. of the Rookery, Woodford, Essex. — He was the son of John Bogue, esq. M.D. of Fareham, Hants, who died in 1811 (see vol. LXXXI. p. 661.), by the eldest daughter of Richard Bargus, esq. of the same place, who was for near 50 years an Acting Magistrate for the County of Hants (see vol. LXXV. p. 389.) She died in 1806 (see vol. LXXVI. p. 886.)— Capt. Joseph Bradby Bogue, of His Majesty's ship Terpsichore, who died in 1807 (see vol. LXXVII. p. 576), was half brother of the late Capt. R. Bogue, being the son of Dr. Bogue, by his first wife.

... " The Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 114 (1813), p. 507

Fox-Strangways lui succèda à la tête de la batterie. Celui-ci fut décoré par le Tsar en personne, qui lui donna sa médaille de l'Ordre de Ste-Anne. Ironie de l'histoire, Fox-Strangways fut le premier officier tué à Inkerman, contre son ancien allié russe ! 1

Bogue fut la seule perte britannique de la bataille.




Sacred to

Richard Bogue
Native of Hampshire in England and

Captain in his Brittannic Majesty's

Regiment of Royal Horse Artillery

who fell in the 31st. year of his

age, gloriously fighting for the

combined cause of Germany and her

                   allies at the                                                       

Battle of Leipzig.

On the 18th of October 1813, while

commanding the Congreve Rocket

Brigade, having by distinguished

services at the village of Paundsdorf

fought a most conspicuous part in

the victory of that memorable day.


Traduction :

"Dédié à Richard Bogue, natif du Hampshire en Angleterre et capitaine au régiment d'Artillerie à Cheval de sa Majesté, qui tomba dans sa 31e année, en combattant glorieusement pour la cause conjointe de l'Allemagne et de ses alliés à la bataille de Leipzig, le 18 octobre 1813, alors qu'il commandait la batterie de fusées Congreve, après avoir contribué d'une façon remarquable à la victoire de cette journée mémorable en combattant de façon brillante près du village de Paunsdorf."


La face avant du monument porte le même texte en allemand.

1. Lorraine Petre, Napoleon's Last Campaign, p.364.